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The vulnerability encompassing the conveyance time of bundles can be frightening. Where is it? At the point when will it arrive? What will happen in case I'm not home to get it? Fortunately, a considerable measure of this vulnerability can be rejected by essentially following your request. Take after the means underneath to figure out how.

Stage 1: After you are signed in, you can get to
My Orders by clicking your record name in the upper right of the screen.

Stage 2: The Order History page resembles this:

Stage 3: Now basically tap on View Tracking Details for the thing you wish to track and point by point - however not generally flawlessly interpreted - data will show up. You'll frequently observe the telephone number of the conveyance individual there too, on the off chance that you (or a supportive Chinese-talking companion) might want to get in touch with them.

I'm seeing the message, "Your request has not yet transported. You'll see refreshes here once it does." when I attempt to track my things. What's happening?

This message no doubt implies that the merchant hasn't delivered your thing yet. It isn't strange for a dealer to deliver multi day or two after the request has been set. We permit all venders up to 3 days to send a thing before we make a move. On the off chance that a vender hasn't dispatched inside 5 days and has been lethargic, we will drop the request and issue you a full discount.

When seeing the following information, I'm seeing my thing set apart as "got" yet I never got it!

Try not to stress! Your bundle is in all likelihood extremely close. In the event that you are not at home to get a conveyance, the conveyance man will give you a ring. On the off chance that you neglect to answer the call or you can't impart, at that point the conveyance man will probably complete one of the accompanying:

  • Leave your bundle with compound security

  • Leave your bundle with the administration office or gathering

  • Leave your bundle by your entryway

  • Leave the bundle in an assigned pickup locker or area inside your compound

It's great to get acquainted with how bundles are regularly conveyed in your compound. The Baopals benefit group is obviously remaining by to help you at whatever point you require enable following to down a bundle.

On the off chance that the messenger can't leave the bundle in a suitable area, they may return it to the merchant, and you should see this refresh in your following subtle elements. Make sure to tell us so we can get your thing reshipped to you!

Kindly get in touch with us inside 5-7 days if your following data expresses that your bundle has been marked for. The prior we can help, the higher the probability your bundle will be found effectively. Rest guaranteed, we will dependably put forth a valiant effort.

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